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Who Should Wear A Brace?

Our LSO brace is typically prescribed for:
1. Post-surgical stabilization
2. Individuals suffering from temporary or chronic mid to lower back pain
3. Individuals who stand, sit, lift or drive for long periods or for a living
4. Individuals with bulging or herniated discs, scoliosis, etc.
5. Motorcycle riders, equestrians, construction, sports, just about any activity where stabilization of the mid through lower back may be beneficial in preventing discomfort.

Back Braces

Our brace is easy to put on, adjust, and remove so it can be worn for short periods, specific activities or all day as with post-surgical treatment protocols. It can also be worn under most clothing.
One piece LSO brace that immobilizes the wearer from the sacrococcygeal junction to above the T9 vertebra.

-Lightweight brace weighs only 22 ounces
-Soft, breathable, moisture wicking materials for cool comfort
-Controls pelvic tilt and rotation by stabilizing the spine.
-Provides anterior "lift" to help hold the weight of the abdomen off the spine
-Does not "ride up" as the wearer moves, sits or drives
-Center cutout removes direct pressure on the spine

Back Braces with Cold Therapy

Our cooling insert delivers steady, integrated temperature therapy for patients wearing our brace. The easily inserted panel will maintain 55°F (±1°) for 90+ minutes and can be recharged quickly in the freezer or refrigerator. The panel is easily interchanged with the standard posterior panel of our brace.

-Effective: Delivers ideal 55 degree cold therapy, helping to reduce inflamation and pain
-Long Lasting: Maintains 55 degrees for 90+ minutes and recharges quickly in the refrigerator or freezer
-Safe: Eliminates the danger of tissue damage or frostbite that can be caused by direct exposure to ice or gel packs







Back Braces with Lumbar Traction

back brace with lumbar support

Our lumbar traction back brace acts to provide traction between the lower part of the rib cage and the upper part of the hip creating weight-bearing forces away from the lower back and reduces the pressure in the lumbar spine (spinal decompression). The unique quality that our brace offers is the use of vertically expandable columns to provide a secure mechanical support as well as spinal decompression for the lumbar vertebrae. It effectively reduces lower back and radiating pain. The brace uses anterior and posterior rigid panels that are typically used for spinal stabilization and rehabilitation. More advantages our brace offers is a solution to the challenge of patients who cannot tolerate a rigid body jacket yet require similar support. As the patient progresses and requires less support, the detachable rigid panels can be removed to create a semi-rigid support with one or no support panels. It easily converts to a soft LSO and provides greater flexibility. Its removable rigid panels make it the most versatile brace of its kind. The process is simple: The brace acts to provide traction between the lower part of the rib cage and the upper part of the hip creating weight-bearing forces away from the lower back. By increasing the intervertebral disc space, pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved, thereby, eliminating pain while assisting active-rehabilitation. The vertically expandable columns create a virtual support beam providing spinal decompression for the lumbar vertebrae. Our brace will speed up your recovery and help you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.


M-Brace Back and Spine Supports

The M-Brace Low Profile M Spine 584 is a comfortable lumbosacral support that is appropriate for stabilizing the back prior to or after a surgical procedure.  Made from 100% cotton, this orthosis is low-profile with its front panel 6 and 3/4 inches tall. It is designed to support from the sacrum to T-9 level. This M-Brace orthosis has removable lumbar and abdominal thermal molded plastic panels for enhancing stabilization of the spine and to restrict movement of the lower trunk.  Additional compression is provided by the series of locking straps that secure around the front over the closure panels.


Joint Braces and Supports

M-Brace No. 36 Wrist Splint

Universal, fits right and left hand

Completely adjustable, includes 2 moldable and removable stays

Our locking system makes it very adaptable

One size is used for most cases, and the level of compression is also adjustable.

Hypo-allergenic, breathable and neoprene-free

100% cotton on the skin



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