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I just wanted to pass on my opinion of Aaron. My life is insane, and my time is scarce. Aaron has really gone above and beyond to help me get my CPAP machine going. I just want to let you know that he has really made this life changing event so much easier for me. I really appreciate his professionalism and dedication to get me set up and insure things are working well for me. I can't express it enough how much I appreciate him and his work ethic. You all have a good person there.
thanks much.


"Dear Sheri,
Thanks so much for your help today!  I always appreciate the way you are able to listen to my concerns and find a solution for me.  It is hard to believe that I have had my cpap machine for more than a year.  My husband and I are both so grateful that we are now able to sleep peacefully through the night!

I plan to recommend you to my friends who are also using these breathing machines.

Thank you again,"


Thank you so much for taking time today on your Sunday to see me at your office.  As we discussed, I received the CPAP in March, 2010 but have used it only a few times since then.  Today you patiently once again showed me the proper way to use the equipment and how to clean it.   It has my personal reluctance to use the CPAP on a consistent basis but I am determined to now use it often to receive all the benefits of a good night sleep.

Thank you once again,

“Sheri has been my sleep specialist for over 5 years. She has the highest integrity of anyone in her field.  She is always positive, great attitude and upbeat regardless of the situation at hand. She is dedicated to customer satisfaction, detail oriented, honest, smart, trustworthy, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and training to sleep apnea patients.

Sheri is very flexible with her work schedule, coming to my office, other doctor offices or at her workplace. She promotes newer technology and allows her patients to try those devices that best suit them. Her professionalism and commitment to success sets her head and shoulders above any other specialist I've known. She has confidence, energy, intelligence, perseverance I highly recommend Sheri to all my friends and associates. She is an exceptional person.”


Hi Sheri,

I just wanted to take a short time to thanks you for your continued support and help. My new updated C-PAP machine is working really well and has great new features I use daily thanks to your instructions and demonstrations. My AHI started at 2.5 and by working with my mask adjustments have gotten it down to 0.7. Speaking of masks, I absolutely love my new mask by for the best I have used to date. Thank you for recommending it to me.

Thanks Again! Manny


I cannot thank you enough for all your help with my patients.  I am so grateful to have you as a resource.  You have provided me with so much information; you are always so kind and professional.  I just want you to know how much appreciate your service to the patients I refer.

Thanks for all your hard work.

T. Perry CNCM RN

Hi Sheri!

I want to thank you for coming by Saturday to address the problem I was having with the machine.  I was so frustrated because the first few days were great - no problem at all - and then all of a sudden I could not tolerate it.  However, after you explained the problem and corrected it I was very relieved and ready to try it again.

Also, I appreciate your follow up call yesterday and was happy that I could confirm that the problem was indeed resolved.  Last night it worked great also!  Thanks so much for going that extra mile to see that everything is once again okay.

Have a great week!


To Who It May Concern:

I was tested and  started on a CPAP machine on February 1, 2008.  I was  set up with my equipment by Pulmonary Home Care on Dairy Ashford in Houston Texas and unlike Brite Health, they never checked on me or my needs.  On or around March 23, 2010 I came into Brite Health Care’s office in Katy Texas asking about purchasing a new mask and hose.  At this time I met with Sheri Fellat who went the extra mile to insure that I was set up with a new mask and additional supplies and updated my CPAP macnine.

Sheri has helped me more than I can say and in many different ways.  She is always there to answer any questions, even on weekends.  She offered to check and repair my machine when it broke.

With personnel like Sheri, Brite Health Care will grow and become more prosperous than they currently are.

Sheri always has a smile on her face and a willingness to help in any way she can.

She has also given this excellent care to my wife, Linda Beck in her need for equipment and supplies with the same great attitude and willingness to help no matter the time of day or day of the week.  



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